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1" MERV 11 Air Filters
  • 1" MERV 11 Air Filters

    Having this filter in your home will knock out those small particles that cause seasonal allergies! If you want to breath better inside your home, this filter will do that. We can’t say what it will be like once you walk out your door, but if knowing the allergens that make your eyes itchy or sneeze uncontrollably are not in your home, then this filter is for you.


    • Traps 95% of airborne particles
    • Traps all of MERV 8 particles plus smog, smoke, and pet dander.
    • Pleated media helps filter catch more airborne particles
    • Helps HVAC system with airflow and backpressure
    • Makes indoor air cleaner
    • For best results replace every 30-60 days

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